Rojas Le贸n

Chilean, Outstanding for bringing traditional calligraphy to a much more artistic and experimental environment. Creator of his own style, where the gestural and the expressive are fundamental parts of his art. Currently Calligraffiti ambassador where he is part of the 25 most influential calligraphers in the world. With his art he has traveled to different parts of the world, such as: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, USA, Francia, Italia, China among others.

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"Texture Mask"

"Texture Msk"

Rojas Le贸n

"Texture Msk"

  • Waterproof mask with 2 layers of fabric.聽elastic bra and steel chain pendant.
  • Mascarilla impermeable con 2 capas de tela.聽sujetador elastico y colgante de cadena.


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    "Change For Me"


    "Change For Me"


    Canvas / 80x80 / (2020)

    Mixed Technique (Acrylic & Aerosol Paint) All works include certificate of authenticity.

    This work is part of my evolution as an artist, passing through graffiti, calligraphy and contemporary art, now I am experimenting in the abstract, where the line and the stain have a complete relationship. There are many details in all the works that cannot be seen in an image, whether it be tones of different colors, textures, letters that are not very noticeable in an image and can only be seen live and direct.

    Each work has reflected my gestures, my expression and my maturity as an artist, reflected in the work you are observing.

    Thank you for viewing my work and taking the time to read this description.

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    "Follow Your Dream"

    Thank you all for buying my products and believing in me as an artist, without you I would be nothing of what I am.